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The Beginning

Welcome to blog #1!!  Wow. I am in awe of the love and kind words I have been receiving lately. I think it's crazy how something like this brings so many people together and it makes life seem so much more valuable. As much as I would like to jump in head first and get into the emotional part of this, i'm simply going to start with the basics and the gist of everything. This plan and this organization has been in the process for so long and it has taken so much time to set dates, and create the website, and get the approval for a non-profit. But I feel as if i was meant for this sorta thing. I find it very hard to keep myself composed when I have ideas that I want to spread and play with, especially at school. When given this platform to express the love and generosity we were made for, all I want to do is this. So waiting to launch the organization has been very very hard for me. But by far the biggest challenge through this has been waiting for the right time to launch. My patience has grown so much since the start of this so I guess in a way that's a good thing. Other than learning about my patience I have learned a lot about life in the upcoming of this journey, personally when doing this I really get to witness peoples lowest of lows first hand. They are usually down and just want someone to notice there struggle, but the moment that window rolls down and you hand them a bag of goodies, the look on there face is priceless. I want to share an amazing story about a life changing day I was so blessed to be apart of. My small group was the first place an act like this had occurred. We had made bags and filled them with soup and napkins as well as socks, and chocolate for later. We drove down to Austin, each person having 2 bags. In my car was 4 beautiful inspiring gals im so proud to call my friends. There was Klein, Kelsey, Teresa, and one of my AMAZING small group leaders, Jacei. We drove down mopac, in search of people who needed our help. We just so happen to find a man on a corner. This man was an older gentleman with a long gray beard. He wore and old pair of sunglasses with a hat. We spotted him and wanted to give him a bag, and it just so happened that the light turned red as if we were meant to give one to him. Kelsey the got out of the car and ran the bag to him. His face lit up. I remember it like it was yesterday. He continued to talk to Kelsey about what was in the bag and where it came from until the light turned green. As we drove away Kelsey told us every word he said and how appreciative he was. We looked back and saw him reading the quotes of the bag like “You are loved” as long as Bible verses we wrote on them. From that moment on I realized that my life was going to be changed. And now here we are. Whether you're reading this from Northpoint, or you heard about us online, or even my friends, thank you. It's because of people like you, that I am able to do this. Stay tuned for a new blog post every week about the latest feelings, activities, and stories I have to share. Be kind to one another, God bless.




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